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I don’t understand airports. Aren’t they supposed to be a place where people just sit down, wait for the plane, and then fly? I mean, nowadays we can almost live in there; Tom Hanks did it in The Terminal. We could stay there for weeks, and it is certainly more pleasant than camping with all the bugs in the mountains!

Just think about it. We have beauty shops and hair salons (it’s certainly strange that someone goes to the airport hoping to get all dolled up before the flight). We have bookstores (this one is useful, I admit; though we have to be careful about the weight). We have restaurants of all kind (traditional, fast-food, Japanese)...but come to think of it, wouldn’t a couple of snack bars be enough? That might decrease the number of drunk jerks we have to deal with on flights.

I could seriously get lost in an airport. I’ve tried for several times to pick up people from the airport and meet them right at the gate...but it’s impossible. I have to have some kind of compass or GPS to get around the place.

And the prices! It’s absurd how they suddenly increase—doubling or tripling—when you walk through that glass door.

Now, what about the departure and arrival boards? Is it difficult only for me or is the feeling widespread? Imagine that you are waiting for a flight arriving from Singapore and there’s only three minutes before its arrival. Then, at the last minute, the little plaque pops out saying Delayed and someone exclaims Please no! I’m going to be here for hours....

That’s why I don’t travel by plane. And also because I don’t have the money. I take trains: they are efficient, eco-friendly, peaceful, and the stations are quiet, not like in airports where there is always someone running and screaming Where’s my gate? and I need a scotch before getting in there!


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