The Fly that Flew One Thousand Miles

As my flight from Colorado to Oregon descended over the Columbia River, I noticed a fly buzzing about the cabin. The aircraft’s flight originated from Chicago, and I wondered if the fly hopped aboard there or in Denver? Either way the fly was now incredibly far from home. But did he know or even care?

It was hard to tell as the fly carried about its business, buzzing around the inside of the airplane, doing whatever it was that a fly likes to do. If that fly decided to exit the aircraft, what would it think? Or do? Upon finding itself in an unknown place, would it panic, now transported far from the comforts of its previous garbage can? Or maybe he'd embrace the challenge and set off on a new adventure? The last option would be for the fly to return to his local fly heap and tell all his friends about the strange, new land he had seen so many miles away. If he does, do his fly friends, realizing that he has traveled thousands of miles, start to worship him as the "Lord of the Flies" for his supernatural powers and amazing tales?

We landed and the fly and I deplaned, onward to new experiences, our destinies not so different.


Dean K Miller is a freelance writer from Loveland, CO. He has worked over 25 year for the FAA as an air traffic. controller. His writing has appeared in TROUT and Torrid LIterature Journal and online.

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