Checking In / Checking Out

Checking In / Checking Out (NO Books, 2011) is a two-sided book that aims to rejuvenate airplane reading. One side, Checking In, relates behind-the-scenes stories of an ex-employee of United Airlines (2001-2003) at the Gallatin Field Airport outside Bozeman, Montana. The other side, Checking Out, tells the story of one man’s lifelong efforts to cure a fear of flying. With sincerity and irreverence, Checking In / Checking Out wrestles with issues of travel, work, technology, security, faith, reading, writing, and parenthood. Ultimately, the book opens up a space between the two sides, like a parallax, in which readers can become more mindful of their own experiences of air travel.


"Strange Flights," The Millions
"A Night Spent on the Tarmac, With No Complaints," The New York Times
"Flight Status," Brevity Magazine

Checking In/Checking Out

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