Animal in a Bell Jar

In the dream the man is seen in the terminal with a woman. They are underground, facing each other, and the lights flashing overhead go in stages of blue and red. There is a small tremor in her right hand as she waves goodbye. She reminds herself of the girl she once was and reminds that girl how to undo a knot. She starts to unravel as the blue light pours itself like feathers onto her shoulders. The man is being blown back by a wind and she finds it hard to breathe now. She senses something has been locked up and she did the locking. She recalls a time when a small bird tried to land on her and how she wouldn’t let it. How she moved into a glass house and watched it beat against the cold glass wondering what it wanted with her. In the terminal the moving platform takes the man to the plane and she arrives in a very large room watching him through the glass, his name on her breath.


Tasha Cotter's work has recently appeared in or is forthcoming in Booth, The Rumpus, Contrary Magazine, and elsewhere. Her fiction was recently nominated for a storySouth Million Writers award, and her poetry has been nominated for Best of the Net Anthology 2011.

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