At 30,000 Feet Above

At thirty thousand feet above the plane began to shake. “Turbulence,” explained the captain over the PA system. “Fasten your seat belts.”

And wait, I thought he said, after all that’s all you can do…your lives are in my hands.

I looked back from my window and saw the wing tremble. We bounced like dice in a gambler’s hand. I closed my eyes, afraid of the dealer’s call: “We have lost and down we go.”

This time it was not our turn. It ended after five minutes at most, and the hostess came along the aisle smiling as if she always knew we’d bear the storm.

But just like us I’m sure she realized that the roulette wheel was spinning like in trance with all the letters of the world swirling, spelling names.


Dr. Ehud Sela was born in Israel and currently resides in Parkland, Florida. He is a veterinarian and owns and operates Gentle Vet Animal Hospital in Margate, Florida.                                                                               

Categories: Airplanes, Pilots, Death

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