I woke up with slight confusion to the feeling of a sharp, quick, but non-painful touch to my head; I had been hit by an unidentified flying object. I glanced to my right and to my left, but the object was no where to be seen.


I sat quietly in my seat for a few minutes, but could not come to a conclusion about what might have hit me in the head.


Then, there it was again. Something bounced off my head and this time landed in my lap—a grape. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed the flying grape situation. I was sitting in the aisle seat with two other people in my row and three people across the aisle from me. A man across the aisle was asleep and snoring a very ungracious tune. The two other people in my row were both also sound asleep. 


I looked around once more—a third grape flew past my face. The grape gently hit the ground next to me and bounced forward up the aisle. I seemed to be the only one who witnessed the event.


I turned around, but saw no one with grapes and so turned forward again.


I turned around again, and finally caught the culprit: a little boy who seemed to be around the age of eight. He had a grape in his hand and was prepared to launch it in my direction. 


He looked me straight in the eye and threw it at me. 


As the grape flew past my head, I kept eye contact with this fruit ninja. He looked guiltily to his left and right, and I turned back around in my seat and hoped my point was made. 


Not one person has witnessed our little exchange. But that was that. No more fruit was thrown for the remainder the flight. 



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